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Do You Create Fictional Worlds in Your Novels or Role-Playing Games?

Want Your World To Support Your Story Without
Drowning You in Detail?

Hi, this is Teramis.  I have a lot of world-building experience, and I want to share some great how-to information with you if you share my passion for creating fictional worlds.

Join my World Building Academy list for how-to tips and tricks, free info, and access to programs that teach you essentials and advanced skills in world building.  You’ll learn things like:

  • A proven 5-step process for creating worlds without getting overwhelmed by details
  • The #1 mistake that ruins the believability of a world – and how to avoid it
  • The 3 ways to ensure you have a fictional setting that “works”
  • Tips and methods for building cultures, politics, pantheons, trade systems, and much more

Sign up with the form on the right to join the WBA list and start finding answers to your world-building dilemmas!

PS:  I’m finishing 2 books due to publishers right now, so the list will be traffic-light until I’m out from under.

Why open the list at all, then? It’s because as an “early adopter” I’m also inviting you to an ongoing conversation about your specific world-building headaches. This way I can tailor my content to give you exactly the solutions you need.  Plus, I can share some “draft” goodies with you on-list that I invite your feedback on. You’ll get special access (early, free, or discounted) to things you contributed to with input.

So, yeah, I’m inviting you to be part of my pre-launch process.  I think this is one of the best ways to uncover the truly helpful answers to world-building problems that are a persistent bottleneck for you.

PPS: Most lists will offer you freebies for signing up. While I’m in “pre-launch” mode I can’t do that right away, but please know I do have some great free stuff in the works. It will be in the pipeline to you after my books are off my desk. Who knows–maybe even sooner, because I just can’t keep out of my world-design workshop.  🙂




Deborah Teramis Christian
Novelist and Game Designer
Founder, World Building Academy