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cthulhu_rising_by_somniturne1 600pxOur Gazetteer Writer’s Manual was slated for release on the 27th. I know many folks have been eagerly awaiting this book.

We’ve been bucking some cosmic forces on this one: at the 11th hour, as I added Section 6 to the book (which, upon consideration, I thought really important to include to have a well-rounded manual) — as I tried to save and couldn’t,  right as that sinking feeling sank in, a virus took down two production computers, *and* backups (that had, unbeknownst to us, also recorded the virus along with the complete book). With one computer relegated to the trash heap, over the last week we’ve dealt with a (coincidentally?) dead modem, house being rewired for electricity (! WTF? why now?), a medical emergency with a horse (if you keep large animals, you have an inkling what chaos this entails), a near-death experience with a pet mouse (not directly related to the horse event, but I suspect Cosmic Phenomenon at work), the loss, then reconstruction, of copy for our related promotional efforts, and and and….

There is only one clear lesson to draw from this. When the time is ripe to release something truly Momentous upon the writing and game design world, trust that the forces of Cthulu will rise from the deep, invest your electronics, skew the laws of chance, and make all your dice rolls turn up 1’s and 2’s.

Persistence, I tell you, is the key.

Not only have we returned with an even better Gazetteer Writer’s Manual (I had to rewrite some sections  of the book that were  trashed, and did even better with the second pass than on the first) ,  but we have also partnered with Tim Loya Games to bring this to you in a Dirt Cheap promotional package you won’t want to miss.

We’ll go live with this marvelous book in the next few days, and although the delay was unintended, I think you will find it has been well worth the wait.

Thanks for your patience, and we’ll be jumping out of the bandbox very soon, along with news about our Gazetteer writing contest winner, our Expedition Journals of Amestus Armen  co-promotion, and the amazing compilation that is The Gazetteer Writer’s Manual.   The combined work that went into this book is truly unique in the world building field.  I haven’t seen anything like it out there, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

More soon!





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