World Building Tips Volume 1On March 11th, we published our first non-fiction book in the world building subject area.  World Building Tips Volume 1 is a compilation of the weekly tips that have been going out to World Building Academy subscribers for the last half year. Together they offer a wealth of helpful information for novice and intermediate level worldbuilders.

Award-winning science fiction novelist Jacqueline Lichtenberg praises this book as “an excellent primer in worldbuilding,” and in her review calls it “the FIRST book you’ll need” to study in this subject area.

World Building Tips is an ongoing series. We’ll release a volume about once every six months, as the weekly tips build up to a book’s worth of content.  Once published in ebook form, the tips will not be available on-list, but only in book form.  At a future date we’ll make this available also in print-on-demand format, but for now it is ebook only.

Click here to read more about this title at the book page, or to purchase a copy.


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