Projects in the Works


Demon Lovers: Incubi

This is Book #2 in the Demon Lovers anthology series.   Demon Lovers: Succubi was published June 1, 2012; this second volume is slated for release in the winter of 2013/2014.  For more on the anthology series, visit the Demon Lovers book site.

Succubus Lore and Legend

This is a non-fiction book offered as a bonus to people who have purchased our Demon Lovers anthology books. It is not available in stores, but only as a free download to DLS buyers. It is still being written. Publication is planned for summer 2013.  You can read more about the Lore book here (bottom half of page).

Under a Different Sun: Building Unique New Worlds that Feel Right at Home

This book answers the question, “How can I make my world unique, but still familiar enough that readers and adventurers do not feel lost in it?” It is aimed at fiction writers and game designers, and is part of the World Building Academy series of how-to books. Release date: Summer 2013.

RPG Projects

Teramis has had two sourcebook ideas kicking around in her head for over a decade, and still has seen nothing like them come to market. Still the ideas won’t rest, so she has slated two book projects for the fall of 2013. One will be a rules-generic sourcebook, focusing on an unusual set of geographical locales for adventuring. The other is primarily about a set of character relationships, and may also provide d20/Pathfinder compatible mechanics as an example of how the content can be adapted to a particular rule set. More details will be posted at our blog here over time.

Science Fiction Reprints

Later in 2013, Storybones will be publishing reprinted editions of Deborah Teramis Christian’s science fiction and fantasy novels from Tor Books, in ebook formats. See this link for more on her sf/f novels.

World Building Academy

Teramis will soon be teaching some programs about world-building how-to.  Storybones will be publishing the course material, workbooks, and related content for the WBA classes.  Some of this will also be available free to anyone whether or not they enroll in the world-building program. The first WBA workshop is slated for this Fall.

If you’d like to learn more about creating compelling worlds that support your story and don’t drown you in unneeded trivia, you can sign up for free world-building information here.