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gutenberg pressHere’s a quickie update on Storybones stuff.

If you’re part of the growing world building community we’re associated with, the active conversation has migrated to the new World Building Academy forum page.  Feel free to read and comment–you don’t need to be a list member to do so (though you’ll have to register at the forum to post there.)

And of course, if you have a particular interest in world building, consider joining the WBA list for free info and world-building tips and how-to.  Click here for more info.

As I mentioned somewhere (and I am forgetting where! Too many conversations, not enough brain!) – my novel Splintegrate has come back to me unexpectedly for revisions.  This has delayed work on all manner of Storybones projects, including the Succubus Lore and Legend ebook that is a freebie for purchasers of our Demon Lovers: Succubi anthology (see details of the free book offer halfway down this page.)  Lore was slated for September release. I’m still trying to make that deadline but it is now entangled with other editing crunch work.

I’ll keep you posted on it as things progress.

On other fronts, the next new project on our list is an ebook that covers a world building topic. What topic? Well, that’s actually under discussion right now. If you have an opinion about it, please comment on this thread.

When we get a better feel for what serves a need right now, we’ll be firming up our plans. So:  Succubus Lore in progress, and a world-building ebook around the corner. I am also planning a relaunch of the Crash Course Training Manual, which is for sale already at this site, but has fallen out of the public eye.

And OH yes, I just connected with a wonderful cartographer, Alyssa Faden, who I want to use for some upcoming projects. I love her work not least of all because she produces some hand-drawn things that look like what *I* do when I have time.  While I’m so busy writing, though, I no longer have time for that sort of mapping/drawing extravaganza. (It is it’s own full-time job, done right.)  But it’s a delight to find someone whose work so closely mirrors the look and feel that I strive for in my own productions. I have no doubt you’ll be seeing some of her work in Storybones products in the future.  You can read more about Alyssa and Like her Facebook Fan page here.

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