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Here are the contents of World Building Tips, Volume 1, from the World Building Academy:

World Building Tips, vol 1CONTENTS

COMMENTARY by Jacqueline Lichtenberg

1 Tech Level
2 Cultural Homogeneity

1 Rivers and Cities
2 Rivers, Oceans, and Capitals
3 Mountains, Rain, and Population
4 The Moon and Its Effects
5 Catastrophic Volcanic Explosions
6 Ripple Effects of Volcanic Explosions
7 Connecting Your World With Plate Tectonics
8 A Quick Way to Grow Your World With Continental Drift
9 Plants and Animals on an Evolving Pangaea World
10 The Link Between Geography and Culture

1 Guilds and Skilled Characters
2 Illness and Disease
3 What’s the Hot Invention in Your Setting?
4 Know Your Holidays
5 Domestic Pets
6 The Impact of Herbalism
7 Barter and Barter Tokens
8 Currency
9 Moving Money, Part 1
10 Moving Money, Part 2
11 Know the Most Favorite Games in Your World
12 Game Inspiration and Use in a Setting
How to Get Free World Building Tips

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