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World Building Tips

World Building Tips Volume 1
The World Building Tips book series is jam-packed with solid world building how-to and tips on every page. It’s a compilation of the weekly tips that have been going out to the World Building Academy list members for half a year.  These tips will not be repeated online and are now available only in this book.

Volume 1 covers things ranging from structural meta-considerations, to a hands-on geography development process, to things like illness, games, and global weather. Click here to preview the Table of Contents for Volume 1. or  lick here to read an excerpt.

The book includes a brief commentary by Jacqueline Lichtenberg, award-winning author of the Sime-Gen series of novels, who says of it,

“This is an excellent primer in worldbuilding. It shows you all the disciplines to read up on or take courses about and what precisely to watch for as you study.”


World Building Tips, Volume 2Volume 2 of this series delves into transportation, communication, travel, and a variety of miscellanea such as omens and dialects. Click here to preview the Table of Contents for Volume 2 , or here to read an excerpt.

If you’re a WBA list member with a discount coupon, you will need to purchase the book at this website in order to take advantage of your discount. Don’t forget the code is case-sensitive.

What Readers Are Saying

“The FIRST book you need…An excellent primer in worldbuilding…” ~ award-winning science fiction novelist Jacqueline Lichtenberg

“Amazing job. . .There is so much win here I can barely contain how happy I am to have read this. Deborah Teramis Christian knocked this out of the park…Get it NOW!” ~ game designer Stacey Chancellor.

“I consider this book an invaluable tool in my arsenal and strongly recommend it to anyone who is designing a fictional setting for any reason.”  – writer T. Mitchell, review.

“This books takes you from the very beginning to the very specific without bogging you down with non-essential parts. I’d recommend reading it before starting to design your own setting for a book or RPG campaign. Very helpful!!!”  – Dragondna, review.

Buy the Books

World Building Tips Volume 1.  27k words, ~77 pgs in pdf format.

World Building Tips, Vol 1
  .pdf format        Price:  4.99

  .mobi format     Price:  4.99

  .epub format     Price:  4.99


World Building Tips Volume 2.  28k words, ~80 pgs in pdf format.

World Building Tips, Volume 2
  .pdf format        Price:  4.99

  .mobi format     Price:  4.99

  .epub format     Price:  4.99

(See top right column for shopping cart to check out. The book(s) will be delivered to the email address you check out with.)

Order Delivery:
After purchase is processed, you’ll be sent an email containing a link where you can download your book. Links expire after 24 hours.  If you do not receive your download email in a timely manner, be sure to check your spam filter and bulk mail folders.  If you need additional  support, contact teramis (at) deborahchristian (dot) com.

Visit the World Building Academy for more on this subject.

People who bought books in the World Building Tips series have also enjoyed The Gazetteer Writer’s Manual, a complete roadmap to marshaling the information about your setting and making it easily accessible to players and readers.  Click the book cover for more info:

The Gazetteer Writer's Manual: Creating Travel Guides for Fictional Worlds


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  1. […] A version of this information appeared in one of the weekly tips from the World Building Academy. This and related tips about distance, travel, and much more will soon be available in our forthcoming book, World Building Tips Volume 2. Click here to visit the book page. […]

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