I’m starting development on a product I’ve had in my sights for a long time. I call it the 4-Pack Adventure Module. It’s an RPG game plus more that contains 1) a short (or a short-short) story, with a good narrative that brings a setting alive in some intriguing story-telling manner; 2) a brief rpg adventure related to that story and setting; 3) a “creature” pack that elaborates on the ecology of a significant group that appears in the setting – this might be an alien race, a new monster, or so on; and 4) a mini-gazetteer to the land/setting/local folks where the adventure takes place.  This gazetteer will follow the format of the Quick Start Guide, which gives readers an overview of “common knowledge” about a setting as described in The Gazetteer Writer’s Manual. This last will provide seed material for the GM to use as-is or expand to fit into their own campaign.

The game writing is system-agnostic and is easily adaptable to whatever the GM is running. The complete module might run around 50 to 60 pgs in length (although I won’t know for sure until I have at least one product under my belt).

If you would like to support me and this project, you will have a chance to help contribute to this through a crowdfunding platform very soon. Stretch goals will include full-color maps and additional NPC/Creature pack supplements.  This will be an ebook-only product (at least at initial funding levels), although stretch-goal maps will be in hardcopy poster sizes shipped from Zazzle.

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  1. Ernesto Ivan says:

    Best of lucks with this project Teramis, I really want to hear more about this project of yours, I hope there is a “behind scenes” to see how you develope all this.

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