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The Transformation of Gerick Bare-skin

The Transformation of Gerick Bare-SkinIn my novel The Truthsayer’s Apprentice, the bad guys hail from the Duchy of Nimm, a mountainous, rugged place with a somewhat nordic culture.  This story visits Nimm and takes us to the backwoods, where certain clansmen are known for their were-animal powers. All except for Gerick, who should be a werebear, too. . .but isn’t.

“[A] would-be lycanthrope…struggles to master a rite of passage and become a proper warrior and take his place among his kinsmen. Matters turn worse when Gerick’s village is attacked, and he still hasn’t mastered his gift…[A] tight, concise little story. By the end, I wanted more…”  – Daniel Swenson,

“In [this story],  we follow the personal growth of the title character, an aspiring werebear, as he struggles with living up to the legacy of his ancestors as his village is threatened. Gerick is an interesting character, and the culture he’s a part of – as much as we can see of it in the short story – is intriguing. The story is tight, and while there’s no words wasted in the telling of it, it definitely evokes a wider world that I wanted to learn more about. ” – Gary Hoggat,

“Read this story. It’s worth far more than the $0.99 charge. I hope she comes back to write more about Gerick and his clan. It’s a beautiful setting filled with a very interesting set of conflicts and challenges.” – C. Moore,

Read a sample. The “look inside” preview at Amazon shows too little of the story itself for various reasons. If you want to see a decent chunk for a preview, this is the sample to read. While you can also  buy this story at Amazon, if you purchase it here all of your money goes directly to the artist, instead of the majority of it going to a corporation.

The Transformation of Gerick Bare-Skin       Price: .99

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