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Demon Lovers Anthology Series

The Demon Lovers anthology series looks at the nature of unhuman lovers and their entanglements with humans.  The first book in the series is Demon Lovers: Succubi.

Welcome to the World of the Succubus

She visits your dreams, or she visits your bed. She is sex incarnate: hot, irresistible, and oh so willing. Willing to seduce you, or destroy you–whatever feeds her needs of the moment.

Join us in this collection of tales about succubi and their encounters with human lovers. Thirteen authors share their vision of the succubus, the legendary creature who feeds on sexual vitality and energy form her victims.

Must an encoutner with a succubus always be deadly? No–but it is always memorable, for the person she takes into her embrace has something she wants and cannot live without.

Read on and be embraced.

Demon Lovers: Succubi is on sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and at our bookstore here. For reviews, author bios, and order information, please visit the book website. (This link will take you out of the Storybones website.)

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What Readers Are Saying

“This work…takes you from what you expect Succubi to be, beings of passion and eroticism, and leads you towards what is hidden beneath that veil that few ever see…” – TeraS, 5 Pitchforks, review

“I started reading Demon Lovers: Succubi, expecting…something focused almost entirely on the erotic.  What I got was something entirely different. In stories from award winning, established authors and from newcomers to the world of published works, I found stories that explored so much more. Erotica? Oh, That’s in there, too. But the characters, the reasons, the ‘whys’ were so much more important to the authors than the mere ‘whats’ of the Succubi actions found there-in.  Why do men (and women!) seek them out? Why do Succubi seek out their victims? What do the succubi and their victims find in the ‘transactions?’ I finished each of these stories with a mental ‘Wow!’ followed by a long pause as I drank it all in. The character depth was far more than I’d expected. Pain, loss, suffering, revenge, and yes, joy and love, redemption and peace. You’ll never view these ‘demons’ the same way again! – C. Moore, 5 Stars, review



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