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Demon Lovers Anthology Series This first book of the Demon Lovers anthology series explores the nature of the succubus. This is not erotica per se, but rather an intriguing look at motives, choices, and relations with their human victims.
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Book 1 of the Demon Lovers Anthology Series
13 tales that explore the sexy, deadly world of the succubus.

“…[A] fascinating mosaic of what Succubi are, what they desire, and what in truth they are to themselves and to others. It is not erotica per se. No, what this work is takes you from what you expect Succubi to be, beings of passion and eroticism, and leads you towards what is hidden beneath that veil that few ever see…” Review, June 2012

“I finished each of these stories with a mental ‘Wow!’ followed by a long pause as I drank it all in. The character depth was far more than I’d expected. Pain, loss, suffering, revenge, and yes, joy and love, redemption and peace. You’ll never view these ‘demons’ the same way again!”
C. Moore, review

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The Transformation of Gerick Bare-SkinThe Transformation of Gerick Bare-skin – In Deborah Teramis Christian’s fantasy novel The Truthsayer’s Apprentice, the bad guys hail from the Duchy of Nimm, a mountainous, rugged place with a nordic culture.  This short story is set in Nimm and takes us to the backwoods, where certain clansmen are known for their were-animal powers. All except for Gerick, who should be a werebear, too….but isn’t.

“[A] would-be lycanthrope…struggles to master a rite of passage and become a proper warrior and take his place among his kinsmen. Matters turn worse when Gerick’s village is attacked, and he still hasn’t mastered his gift…[A] tight, concise little story. By the end, I wanted more…”  – Daniel Swenson,

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Li-Wan’s Revenge: A Ghost Story.  In my Asian-inspired setting, they celebrate an occasion called the Day of Return, a time when the veil between worlds is thin and ghosts may encounter the living. This is a tale of murder and ghostly revenge often told around that time of year. It’s  perfect reading for Halloween, or any time you want a tale of haunting vengeance.  Special bonus:this story is illustrated in color by artist Emily Vitori. (Clicking this link will take you away from the Storybones website.)
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–  This free fantasy novel is set in a samurai-inspired Asian-like land. This setting is also the forerunner to the Sa’adani Empire of Deborah Teramis Christian’s science fiction novels.  There is no charge for this book but you must sign up at the Dragonsword book site to download it. (Clicking this link will take you away from the Storybones website.)
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