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D/s Press


D/s Press is an imprint of Storybones Publishing. Our primary focus is on books about D/s (Dominance and submission) relationships between consenting adults. We may from time to time publish bdsm-related fiction or erotic fiction as well.

M/s Relationships, Submission, and SlaveryOur D/s Relationships series is central to D/s Press’ interests. The first of these books is Master/slave Relationships, Submission, and Slavery, a collection of essays by Teramis. If you are interested in exploring the nature of submission and these relationship dynamics, this book will share some provocative insights from an experienced speaker and leader in the bdsm community. The content here will both inform and challenge the reader, even if one is already experienced in the D/s scene.

This book characterizes bdsm and takes an in-depth look at what distinguishes an M/s relationship and consensual servitude from D/s-style submission. These essays are the product of over 10 years of presenting workshops to folks interested in D/s, debating the nuances of WIITWD (what it is that we do) on discussion lists and forums, and teaching as adjunct faculty at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (San Francisco), one of the leading post-graduate sexology schools in the country.

Please note that the essays in this collection are also available at the website. They are collected here in one handy volume for ease of reading and reference.  Persons who buy the ebook may sign up to receive a discount coupon good for a future purchase from the D/s Relationships line of books.

View the Table of Contents here.

Read an excerpt here.

What People Say About Teramis’ Content


“Teramis awes workshop participants with her depth of knowledge, psychological sophistication regarding D/s relationships, and remarkable ability to communicate complex concepts in clear, accessible, and often delightfully entertaining ways.”        ~Joy Davidson, Ph.D., Psychologist/Author/Advice Columnist

“I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful presentation that you gave this weekend on “Trust, Safety & Surrender”. My subpuppy and I both attended…both of us had some really deep emotions come up during the presentation. You helped spark an important discussion by giving us reference points to start from in discussing things that have been on our minds and in our hearts. I thank you for it from the depth of my heart.”

~- Lady MoonDance

“Teramis offers a fresh, realistic perspective on the power dynamics of D/s relationships. Whether you’ve been playing two months or twenty years, you will find information and tools pertinent to creating tailor-made relationships that work.”   ~ Catherine Gross

“Teramis is one of my favorite presenters.  She is surprisingly fresh and honest each time she reviews an issue.  Her ability to speak across gender and sexual roles allows her to offer pertinent and useful information. … incredibly honest and vulnerable…. an “advanced player” whom I respect and admire greatly.  I attend her presentations whenever possible– WOOF!” ~ Master Steve, Butchmann’s SM Academy

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Master/slave Relationships, Submission, and Slavery

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