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Sa’adani Tales I:  The Annotated Laj Khai

Sa'adani Tales thumbnailThis novella-length collection of short tales and anecdotes takes you on a tour through part of the Sa’adani Empire, the science fiction universe of Deborah Teramis Christian.  Visit a far part of the galaxy and experience it through the eyes of the locals.  This is also the first new science fiction publication from Teramis in over a decade. Includes downloads and additional content links in the back.  Read more at the book page.

Format:  ebook   Price: $2.99

.pdf format

.mobi format

.epub format – not yet available

Demon Lovers: Succubi

Buy Demon Lovers: Succubi
Book 1 of the Demon Lovers Anthology Series
13 tales that explore the sexy, deadly world of the succubus.

“…[A] fascinating mosaic of what Succubi are, what they desire, and what in truth they are to themselves and to others. It is not erotica per se. No, what this work is takes you from what you expect Succubi to be, beings of passion and eroticism, and leads you towards what is hidden beneath that veil that few ever see…” Review, June 2012

“I finished each of these stories with a mental ‘Wow!’ followed by a long pause as I drank it all in. The character depth was far more than I’d expected. Pain, loss, suffering, revenge, and yes, joy and love, redemption and peace. You’ll never view these ‘demons’ the same way again!”
C. Moore, review

Read more at the book page here, or get story teasers, reviews and more at the book site.

Format:  ebook   Price: $7.97

.mobi format

.epub format

.pdf format

The Transformation of Gerick Bare-SkinThe Transformation of Gerick Bare-Skin

In Deborah Teramis Christian’s fantasy novel The Truthsayer’s Apprentice, the bad guys hail from the Duchy of Nimm, a mountainous, rugged place with a nordic culture.  This short story is set in Nimm and takes us to the backwoods, where certain clansmen are known for their were-animal powers. All except for Gerick, who should be a werebear, too….but isn’t.

“[A] would-be lycanthrope…struggles to master a rite of passage and become a proper warrior and take his place among his kinsmen. Matters turn worse when Gerick’s village is attacked, and he still hasn’t mastered his gift…[A] tight, concise little story. By the end, I wanted more…”  – Daniel Swenson,

Read more at the story page here.
Format:  ebook   Price: $0.99
.pdf format


DragonswordDragonsword:  Book I of the Qualun Monogatari

This free fantasy novel is set in a samurai-inspired Asian-like land. This setting is also the forerunner to the Sa’adani Empire of Deborah Teramis Christian’s science fiction novels.  There is no charge for this book but you must sign up at the Dragonsword book site to download it.

Format:  ebook   Price: $5.99  Free



Crash Course Training ManualThe Crash Course Training Manual

Crash course training is here! This rules enhancement for d20 fantasy and modern campaigns enables you to hone new abilities, create specialty skills fine-tuned for unique challenges, and play out critical training encounters. The Crash Course Training (CCT) system supplements existing rules and allows skills to be highly customized to player and campaign needs. Want to turn a skill acquisition into a proper adventure? Here’s how. Easily adaptable to Pathfinder and similar d20-based rules systems as well.

Format:  ebook (pdf)  Price: 2.95           Preview Book Here

.pdf format

Also at RPGNow.

The Gazetteer Writer's Manual: Creating Travel Guides for Fictional WorldsThe Gazetteer Writer’s Manual

Here’s a timely solution for world builders who have a lot of world to develop, details to document, and still need an appealing way to introduce the setting to an audience. The Gazetteer Writer’s Manual gives you a blueprint for fleshing out your fictional world and presenting it in a gazetteer format that is easy to work with and fun to read. This book brings you the combined perspective of two world-building professionals with decades of experience: Deborah Teramis Christian, science fiction and fantasy novelist, game designer, and founder of the World Building Academy, and Bruce A. Heard, creative mastermind behind the Mystara campaign setting for TSR’s Dungeons & Dragons, author and product manager of the unique Gazetteers that framed that setting. GWM is suitable for fiction writers as well as game designers, and anyone who is involved in creating and documenting a fictional world. Preview excerpts, the table of contents, and read more about the book at the book page.

The Gazetteer Writer’s Manual: Creating Travel Guides for Fictional Worlds
~53k words, ~127 pdf pgs.

.pdf format Price: 9.99

.mobi format Price: 9.99

.epub format Price: 9.99


Succubus Lore and LegendSuccubus Lore and Legend (September 2012)

Publication is delayed. Date TBD.
Why do we think of the succubus as we do, and tell the kinds of stories we do about this erotic demonic subject? Succubus Lore and Legend is a fascinating exploration through time and myth, examining the origins of the succubus concept and the various interpretations of this creature in history and lore. This non-fiction book is a complement to the Demon Lovers: Succubi  anthology, and is available only as a free bonus download to purchasers of any Demon Lovers book. If you own a copy of Demon Lovers: Succubi, check the section at the end entitled “An Offer For Our Readers” for details on how to acquire this book.

For more about this book and offer, see the Succubus Lore info on this page.

Format:  ebook (pdf)  Price: $17.95  Free
To Order:  You must own a copy of a Demon Lovers anthology book. Download instructions are at the back of the book under “An Offer For Our Readers.”

World Building Tips Volume 1

World Building Tips Volume 1Here’s a great collection of world building tips for writers and game designers:  a concise but pointed look at critical factors in world design and elements essential to any fictional world. Award-winning science fiction author Jacqueline Lichtenberg says of this book, “This is the FIRST book you need” to study in this field. “An excellent primer for world building.”   More info at the book page, including links to an excerpt and the table of contents.

World Building Tips Volume 1.  27k words, ~77 pgs in pdf format.

  .pdf format        Price:  4.99

  .mobi format     Price:  4.99

  .epub format     Price:  4.99


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