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I’m developing a product that has been on the back burner for quite a while. Check out the RPGs page here for more info, and to sign up for updates:


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Finally, It’s Here! On Sale Monday Morning, April 8th

If you’re on our list you’ll receive direct notice when our bookstore opens.
We’ll also post about this here at the blog and in social media.

Thank you for your patience! All good things come to those who wait.

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cthulhu_rising_by_somniturne1 600pxOur Gazetteer Writer’s Manual was slated for release on the 27th. I know many folks have been eagerly awaiting this book.

We’ve been bucking some cosmic forces on this one: at the 11th hour, as I added Section 6 to the book (which, upon consideration, I thought really important to include to have a well-rounded manual) — as I tried to save and couldn’t,  right as that sinking feeling sank in, a virus took down two production computers, *and* backups (that had, unbeknownst to us, also recorded the virus along with the complete book). With one computer relegated to the trash heap, over the last week we’ve dealt with a (coincidentally?) dead modem, house being rewired for electricity (! WTF? why now?), a medical emergency with a horse (if you keep large animals, you have an inkling what chaos this entails), a near-death experience with a pet mouse (not directly related to the horse event, but I suspect Cosmic Phenomenon at work), the loss, then reconstruction, of copy for our related promotional efforts, and and and….

There is only one clear lesson to draw from this. When the time is ripe to release something truly Momentous upon the writing and game design world, trust that the forces of Cthulu will rise from the deep, invest your electronics, skew the laws of chance, and make all your dice rolls turn up 1’s and 2’s.

Persistence, I tell you, is the key.

Not only have we returned with an even better Gazetteer Writer’s Manual (I had to rewrite some sections  of the book that were  trashed, and did even better with the second pass than on the first) ,  but we have also partnered with Tim Loya Games to bring this to you in a Dirt Cheap promotional package you won’t want to miss.

We’ll go live with this marvelous book in the next few days, and although the delay was unintended, I think you will find it has been well worth the wait.

Thanks for your patience, and we’ll be jumping out of the bandbox very soon, along with news about our Gazetteer writing contest winner, our Expedition Journals of Amestus Armen  co-promotion, and the amazing compilation that is The Gazetteer Writer’s Manual.   The combined work that went into this book is truly unique in the world building field.  I haven’t seen anything like it out there, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

More soon!





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World Building Tips Volume 1On March 11th, we published our first non-fiction book in the world building subject area.  World Building Tips Volume 1 is a compilation of the weekly tips that have been going out to World Building Academy subscribers for the last half year. Together they offer a wealth of helpful information for novice and intermediate level worldbuilders.

Award-winning science fiction novelist Jacqueline Lichtenberg praises this book as “an excellent primer in worldbuilding,” and in her review calls it “the FIRST book you’ll need” to study in this subject area.

World Building Tips is an ongoing series. We’ll release a volume about once every six months, as the weekly tips build up to a book’s worth of content.  Once published in ebook form, the tips will not be available on-list, but only in book form.  At a future date we’ll make this available also in print-on-demand format, but for now it is ebook only.

Click here to read more about this title at the book page, or to purchase a copy.


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gutenberg pressHere’s a quickie update on Storybones stuff.

If you’re part of the growing world building community we’re associated with, the active conversation has migrated to the new World Building Academy forum page.  Feel free to read and comment–you don’t need to be a list member to do so (though you’ll have to register at the forum to post there.)

And of course, if you have a particular interest in world building, consider joining the WBA list for free info and world-building tips and how-to.  Click here for more info.

As I mentioned somewhere (and I am forgetting where! Too many conversations, not enough brain!) – my novel Splintegrate has come back to me unexpectedly for revisions.  This has delayed work on all manner of Storybones projects, including the Succubus Lore and Legend ebook that is a freebie for purchasers of our Demon Lovers: Succubi anthology (see details of the free book offer halfway down this page.)  Lore was slated for September release. I’m still trying to make that deadline but it is now entangled with other editing crunch work.

I’ll keep you posted on it as things progress.

On other fronts, the next new project on our list is an ebook that covers a world building topic. What topic? Well, that’s actually under discussion right now. If you have an opinion about it, please comment on this thread.

When we get a better feel for what serves a need right now, we’ll be firming up our plans. So:  Succubus Lore in progress, and a world-building ebook around the corner. I am also planning a relaunch of the Crash Course Training Manual, which is for sale already at this site, but has fallen out of the public eye.

And OH yes, I just connected with a wonderful cartographer, Alyssa Faden, who I want to use for some upcoming projects. I love her work not least of all because she produces some hand-drawn things that look like what *I* do when I have time.  While I’m so busy writing, though, I no longer have time for that sort of mapping/drawing extravaganza. (It is it’s own full-time job, done right.)  But it’s a delight to find someone whose work so closely mirrors the look and feel that I strive for in my own productions. I have no doubt you’ll be seeing some of her work in Storybones products in the future.  You can read more about Alyssa and Like her Facebook Fan page here.

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women friends talkingFor Websurfers: if you just stumbled across this post, it pertains to the World Building Academy  launching later this Fall. If you also create fictional worlds and are interested in getting in on the ground floor and initial discussions about your world-building needs, please join the WBA list at this page.

For WBA List Members:

As I mentioned in earlier email, I want to hear more about what your needs are in regards to world building. Not just generally (though that too) but also in regards to solutions I’m developing that I want to make sure are of real use to you.

Now, I could just post an occasionally query in a blog post (like this one) and point you to it via email, and then read your responses here. But from some comments I’ve been getting, I have the impression that you might be interested in a bit more interactive discussion than that.

This brings me to my question: what form of discussion group/area/platform would you prefer if you really want to share your thoughts about the world building challenges you’re dealing with?  What are you most likely to actually use?

I have some business considerations that incline me one way or the other, but I’ve narrowed my choices down to three approaches. I’d like to hear your take on these options before I implement anything.

1.  Blog posts and comments – like we’re doing here. I can add a comment threading function so it’s easier to find things by subject or subhead and so on, if chat goes on for a while.

On the plus side, it’s easy and we’ll probably see some incidental newcomers from websurfing. On the downside, it’s not the best way to manage ongoing discussions.

2. A forum. This would be a forum here on this website (will be moved later to the World Building Academy site when it goes live).  It would have both public and private levels of access–I expect private would be used for discussion of webinars or workshops put on by WBA, and so on.

Plus side: Forums are convenient because message boards let us sort things topically and keep a history of discussion that can be easily reviewed.  They can also be more private – no drive by snark and so on from ill-behaved netizens. Downside: it takes a little more effort on the user’s part to register and participate.

3. Facebook (Group and Fan Page). This would be a convenient discussion area for many, since so many hang out at FB.  I’ve seen a lot of groups on FB with active discussion traffic, so clearly it’s working for some interest groups. It’s not the best way to organize info, but it’s good for quick hits of commentary on the fly when you happen to be online there.

Plus side: ease of use, and it’s where a lot of people hang out anyway. There’ll be incidental visitors there too (also interested in world building). On the down side, I know some G+ers refuse to use FB (they’ve even closed their accounts), and if there is a requirement to go there to talk about wb topics, they are less inclined to do so.  Like a blog, also not optimized to manage discussion threads, but ease of access encourages more participation. (Does that balance out? Hm…)

I know there are other alternatives but for various reasons these are the approaches I need to focus on right now  (or one of them, anyway).

In the Comments below, please let me know your thoughts on what would work best for you, and why. 

(Or if you don’t care to comment on this blog, you’re always welcome to just send me an email to:  worldbuilding [at] deborahchristian [dot] com)




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grand openingWelcome to the new and improved Storybones website. It’s been a while in coming, but I think we finally have the platform in place that we need to grow with.

Home page describes what you’ll find at this site. Beyond that, I’ll mention that I’ll also be using this blog space to talk about some works for hire that Storybones is engaged in (such as the content development we’ve been doing for Wicked North Game’s Westward steampunk rpg. More on that soon). I’ll be happy to answer questions about our products and projects here as well, so we can all have a public conversation about these things.

This isn’t much of a first post for the new site, I suppose, but I’ve just recently been hit with my science fiction novel come back from Tor Books for revisions, so I’m going to be wearing more of a writer’s hat than a publisher’s hat for the next several weeks while my book eats my brain.

Nevertheless, I’m haunting the Storybones environs. Questions? Comments? Be sure to let us hear from you.

-Teramis, aka The Crone at Storybones

Deborah Teramis Christian
Publisher, Novelist, Game Designer
Woman Who Does Not Sleep


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Welcome to Storybones, an RPG design house, and a game and fiction publishing imprint. This site is being completely restructured, and will be back online in summer 2012.

In June 2012 we are releasing the first book in our new anthology series, Demon Lovers: Succubi, 13 intriguing tales about the legendary succubus. For updates, please Like our Facebook page, and be sure to visit our book site which will go live near June 1.

If you are looking for a copy of the d20 Crash Course Training Manual, you can find it  here.  If you are looking for the proprietress, you can find her here. Her game design and publication credits are here.

If you’d like to get in touch for business purposes, send email to crone at (Apologies if we’ve missed previous contact from you. This account was inactive for period of time.)

Set your Twitter account name in your settings to use the TwitterBar Section.