Who Am I, Who Are We?

In the 1980s, ’90s, and early ’00s, I designed, edited, and published game content as a freelancer and did related software development under the auspices of my company, D. Christian & Associates.  In 2003 I decided to become more involved with independent game development. I created Storybones in that year to be a commercial development and design house for my various projects. The Storybones website has been online since 2004.

We published the Crash Course Training Manual, a d20 training rules supplement, but unfortunately, shortly thereafter a catastrophic data loss basically blew our business out of the water, sinking several projects in development along with it. I was finishing my sociology degree at the time, and that process had to take precedence. Our web and business presence languished for a while, although work on various projects has continued in the background in the interim.

I have recently returned full-time to writing and design work, and with this has come the resurrection of  Storybones. We are both a game development studio, and a project publishing house (meaning, we only publish things we really like and are really engaged with, and that dovetail with our varied creative interests. We won’t be producing an ongoing string of fiction books, say, simply because we can publish).  RPG design and publishing projects, immersive storygaming and other forms of narrative entertainment are some of the areas Storybones is interested in pursuing.  In June 2012 we published our first fiction anthology, Demon Lovers: Succubi, to good reviews.  Other shiny new projects are in the works. Subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed for updates along the way.

– Teramis

Deborah Teramis Christian
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