Note: this mixture turns out to be quite liquid, that’s why you should have some cloth, in case the mixture starts to flow a little from under the cap. Mask 5: Oil Mask for Hair GrowthIngredients:• 2 tablespoons of burdock oil;• 3 tablespoons of olive oil;• 1 teaspoon of E. Mix the oils and put the mixture warmed up in a water bath, as this mask works better in the initially heated form.

Welcome to the Web Home of Storybones!


Storybones is a role-playing game design studio doing original development work and some projects on a work-for-hire basis.

Storybones Publishing is our associated business, what we like to call a “project publishing” imprint. That is to say, we publish only specific projects that we like and feel very engaged with. We produce unique works that are fiction, non-fiction, or rpg-related that complement our exploration of fictional worlds.

At this site you will find:

Bookstore: fiction, non-fiction, and rpg-related publications for sale
Blog: current news and info on projects and some things that are under development.
Supporting Materials: will be online here over time, such as free downloads to complement a product you have purchased.


old leather bound booksStorybones publishes various pieces of fiction on a “project publishing” basis (see our catalog in the right sidebar).  We’ve lately ventured into anthology publishing with the Demon Lovers series, a collection that inquires into the nature of various demonic creatures. Our flagship anthology is Demon Lovers: Succubi (June 2012). A companion volume, Demon Lovers: Incubi is in the works but has been moved in the calendar to a 2014 release.  You can order this through our Bookstore here, or read more about it at the book site.  Liking our Facebook fan page for the series will keep you posted on updates through your FB stream.

RPG Publishing

miniatures and diceThe main RPG focus of Storybones is on campaign and sourcebook material, couched either in generic/universal rule sets, or tailored to the d20/Pathfinder systems.

One of our main subjects are the Sa’adani Empire science fiction setting and the Àstareth fantasy world that are the backdrops for the fiction of Deborah Teramis Christian (that’s me writing this. Hi!).   These science fiction and fantasy novels are published by Tor Books, and all take place in settings that have been designed (and played in) as role-playing game settings.

If you are a fan of my work or are curious about what I have written, check out my personal website, Notes From the Lizard Lair (see book links in the menu bar there).  In the professional game design world, I wrote and edited for TSR, West End Games, and others during the Old School era, and have been part of miscellaneous projects since then. If you’re interested, my bibliography is here.

New Projects

Building a WorldWant to know what’s new? Check out the Projects tab on the menu bar above. That section summarizes what’s on the schedule for the near future. The World Building Academy is a project I’m especially excited about; Storybones will be publishing course material for it. See the World Building Info tab on this page’s menu bar, or click this link for more.

Now and then Storybones hires rpg and fiction writers on a work-for-hire basis, so check the Projects section to see if there is something we need contributions for.  You’re welcome to inquire even if I haven’t announced a formal opening yet.  At the very least, networking might be to our mutual benefit.

So, that’s it for now. Welcome to Storybones. Have a look around, kick the tires, and if you consider yourself a world builder looking to learn more, be sure to check out the World Building Info page at this site.

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Deborah Teramis Christian
Publisher and Managing Game Designer
crone [at] storybones [dot] net